Do you know the correct way to set a table?

There are so many different ways you can set a table that it is no wonder it all gets a little confusing at times. In days gone by there were “hard and fast rules” around table setting but these days we enjoy a more relaxed approach and bend the ‘rules’ to suit our own personal likes and dislikes. Having said that there are general guidelines on how a table should be set.



This is a general guide for the placement of utensils and glassware for each guest for a European/Western table setting.

This placement of items can apply to both casual and formal settings however for a more formal setting you may choose to use a tablecloth with linen placemats and napkins, napkin rings, candles/lighting etc and for a more casual setting you might choose a simple jute or rattan placemat, beautiful paper napkins and omit some of the utensils and glasses.

Setting a table and making a little effort for your guests is really fun and the response from your guests may surprise you – a beautiful or fun table really can ‘set the scene’ for any meal or celebration.

Sharing a meal with people you care about really is more treasured than ever these days so it is worth making a little effort to make it special.

Enjoy x

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